Animated Classics Rider

Pro Cycling Trumps

Animated Classics Rider

Animate yourself or a friend riding a bike on cobbles!

Pro Cycling Trumps animations are famous around the world. Get your very own or one for a friend.

Just send an image of the person, their bike and their kit (if you have a picture of them riding their bike, so much the better). We'll transform it into a dynamic Pro Cycling Trumps rider animation in .gif and .mov format for you to keep forever, share on social media, and impress friends and family.

Please purchase online and send the info and images to and we'll get in touch soon with an initial draft. Turnaround time is about 1 week depending on busyness but usually quicker.

(Please note these animations are for personal use only. If you are a business please get in touch directly to let us know what you're looking for.)